Torren Martyn
Torren has been ripping his way through the waves of Byron Bay for a long time and is a world renowned surf/traveller and free surfer. His surfing is electric and full tilt. Torren redefines the art of attacking a wave and he does it with symmetry, flow and power. His art decorates all his boards and he is a team surfer who works for the brand. Torren rides and develops our models with great feedback. He is also sponsored by electric and Afends.


J. Hunter S.
Josh Sleep alias Crowfeather Alias JS, alias Josh.Hunter.S…is hard to define but some say he is a neo/futurist in terms of his radical surfing style. As a painter/ artist he is known as a lyrical postmodernist. A damn fine goofy footer from Byron Bay who approach is original, unique and inspiring. Crowfeather is Inspired by 70s countercultural icons such as Spreckles, Lynch, Dora, Hendrix and Bertlemann : Josh’s brand is beyond definition. He is sponsored by Afends.


Robbie Page
Pace/Sweat/Helmet teeth/ or simply Robbie is well known world wide as a waterman proud of his Koori heritage. Ed has been friends with Pagy since day one and was shaping him twin fins in the 70s before he embarked on his pro surfing career which was a wild ride that culminated in him winning the ;Pipeline Masters in 1988. Rob has also won World titles,NSW titles, and Australian Titles. He test rides a whole range of equipment and is a veteran of 24 North Shore winters. If you ever get the chance to engage Rob in conversation you will never be the same. Go the pace.


Jake Spooner
Jake/Gus hails from the mighty Sandon Point on the south coast of NSW and has been riding Ed’ shapes since he was a young teenager. A former professional surfer who still competes he is known as one of the most ferocious competitors of his generation. His credits include the Australian and European Pro Juniors, World amateur titles, victories over Tom Curren, Rob Machado and Kelly Slater. Jake recently won Australian surfing titles and The Byron Bay Easter classic. Jake is consummate power/stylists and is along with Rob Page, ESP surfboards longest serving team member.


Steve Mills
Steve or Millsy is one of Australia’s most stylish long boarders power surfing speaks for itself in all conditions. A native from Byron Bay he has made many finals in the Australian and NSW circuit. Steve has been designing hi performance longboards with ESP for many years and has a couple of great designs that suit young and old. He is well known as a consummate waterman and recently won the Australian lifeguard of the year award. He can be found at dawn surfing with ED and the other dawn patrollers out around the Cape.


John Scmidenberg
Shindig as he is known originally hails from South Africa but grew up surfing in West Oz. John recently won the Australian Titles on Longboards and on short boards in his age division. A well-known competitor and free/surfer, Johnny is also one of Australia’s finest coaches working with the Solitary Island surfing School.


Josh Bull

Originally for Port Macquarie Josh now calls Byron Bay home. Bully has a solid approach to surfing and his philosophy is simple; have the most fun surfing possible. He is a consummate waterman who is at home ripping it up on a twin fin, short board or a or a 9’6 log.


Duncan Mcnicol
Duncan is a radical, uninhibited free surfer whose nomadic existence redefines any concepts we have ever had of the word freedom. When you see Duncan surfing you will know what I mean. His creative approach to surfing defies any stylistic definitions or categorisation. An individual whose likely to pop up anywhere, anytime. Keep your eyes peeled for Duncan shredding the lineup.


Declan Wise
Declan is the one of the owner s of the clothing company Afends whose roots go deep into the surfing culture. First and foremost Declan is a surfer who appreciates the communication his enjoys with ESP on all aspects of surfboard design. Declan has been working with Ed for the last several years to create a range of hi performance short boards and hybrids known as the NAPALM series.


Jason Cuneen
Jason is well known from the south coast to Byron as a creative individual who epitomises the surfing lifestyle. His band Drop Legs with whom he is the drummer is constantly touring and recording .They all surf and are supported by ESP surfboards. Jason also is an agent for ESP and designs boards with his unique artwork.


Mark Vella
The “Vella’ is a Maroubra original who redefines the concept of taking a softer approach or riding a longer board when you get older. Mark rides his 5’9 and 5’7 “Stella Vella” models out at Sandon Point and surrounding beaches with a tenacity and skill that defies age. Mark is an inspiration to younger surfers and his ethos of hard-core surfing defines him as a natural.


Beau Young
Beau has been working with Ed on his range of surfboards for over ten years. As a former double world champion in longboarding Beau is know along with his father Nat as one of Australia’s finest surfing talents. The feedback ESP has received from Beau over the years has been invaluable. Beau has recently released his own exclusive Beau Young surfboard brand that is manufactured at ESP. He has also releasing a range of designs with The Surfboard Wharehouse chain in QLD.


Tony Oneill

Tony is a Byron Bay local who is well known for his domination of the Pass and surrounds. His love of surfing has seen him travel to many exotic surfing locations on the planet. Tony drives his 6 short board through the line-up with the power and precision of surfers half his age. Tony stands testament at his age that you can still rip well into your fifties and sixties riding small hi performance surfboards.


Jeremy Williams
Mr X, Jeremy is one of New Zealand’s finer exports as a surfer whose heart and soul have lived the lifestyle since the early seventies. A renowned big wave surfer Jeremy recently won the New Zealand titles in his age division in small surf. A veteran of Indonesian trips he has spent several years living at Uluwatu and taming the famed ‘Bommie’ out there. He is also a renowned surfboard glasser/sander/polisher, who has worked at ESP in several different eras. Ed and Jeremy have been surfing together and designing boards for over thirty years.


Kel Mills
Kel comes from a surfing family whose roots go back into Australian surfing in the 60s and he is originally from the Port Macquarie area in NSW. Kel is an ocean man who spends the time when he isn’t surfing on boats doing deep water fishing. His passion for all things aquatic really come into their own when he is blasting his short boards through the lip of hanging ten on his log.


Jack Sayer
Jack is the newest addition to our roster and comes from strong surfing roots. A natural footer from South Golden Beach all Jack wants to do is surf all the time and he lives it. Do you remember that feeling when nothing else exists but to get to the beach and go. Ask him what his plans are and he will tell you straight; he wants to surf the world.The time is coming and he will!


Justin Crawford
Justin Crawford is a surfer from Dee Why who now lives around the corner from the EP factory in Bryon Bay. He is a creative artist, photographer and businessman whose passion is his family and surfing. His father Peter Crawford was an icon of Australian and world surf photography and his genes empower Justin’s creative energy. Justin has developed a range of surfboards with Ed called Surf Cowboys, keep tuned.


Micheal Black
Micheal Black or Blacky is a Bryon Bay local who rips on a longboard and shortboard. His sense of style and timing take us back before bunny hops, whick wack and claims made it on the scene. Black takes the wave on its merits even when he is out surfing the Pass and there are a million trippers trying to burn each other. He gets the waves he wants and gildes, rebounds and carves from the rock to Clarkes all seamlessly. Go the Black.


Jai Ryan
Jai Ryan hails from a land of hippies,sugar cane and right hand point breaks but he is a wild goofy footer. Thats why he has been to Indo more times than you and me.. One of the most stylish and radicalsurfers you’ll ever have the pleasure of watching .Jai is more underground than a cave and is more likely to frown on the strange goings on in the ego centered world of sponsorhips and board decals. Jai is beyond soul , hip or any postmodern naming devices you try to give him . A raw down to earth individual who does his own thing endlessly.


Aquiles Sande
Aquiles is originally from Venezula and has made Australia is home . he is well regarded in longboard circles ax a big wave charger . You might see him carves the bonuses on the northern beaches in Sydney or on the waves of Indo.