Ed Sinnott

Ed Sinnott Junior is a Australian surfer with a lifetime of experience in 2 to 12 foot surf who lives Byron Bay on the N.S.W north coast. Since 1976 he has combined his knowledge of surfing with a passion for hard work, originality, and innovation within the field of surfboard manufacturing.

Over the last 30 years he has shaped over 18,000 surfboards for a huge variety of people from all over the world and gained invaluable experience by shaping for surfers the ASP World Tour as well as several World, State and Australian title holders. The expertise that comes with years of design and shaping experience keeps him on the cutting edge of creative and innovative surfboard design.

“I shape the whole spectrum of surfboard design, everything from hi-performance shortboards, fishes, mini mals, retro designs and longboards, in my opinion any shaper worth their salt should be familiar with all aspects of design. My shaping focus is inter-generational ”

Over the course of a career that has spanned the single-fin, twin-fin, thruster and the modern longboard eras; Ed has seen a lot changes in the surfboard industry.

“When I started surfing in the late sixties many of the surf companies and board manufactures of today didn’t exist, we didn’t wear leg ropes, wetsuits were basically non existent and no one would have ever conceived you could get a surfboard made in China or that plastic boards made in Thailand would ever be acceptable.”

In a world where mass production and pop-outs from Asian countries abound it’s refreshing to see someone still following tradition and living the dream as a surfer/shaper.

“I personally chose to manufacture my boards using Australian workers and materials. Mass production is not my scene, but producing professionally made surfboards of A1 quality is. Here at ESP we are proud of what we do and as a group of Australian surfers we have never embraced the propaganda pushed in the surf media by companies owned by overseas dollars promoting Asian surfboards.”

“The fantastic shapers and craftsmen I learned from and worked with were all at one time master surfer/shapers, Terry Richardson, Frank Latta, Michael and Tom Peterson, Kevin Parkinson, Carl Schaefer, John Skipp.”

Ed has dedicated his life to surfing and to the construction surfboards. He has worked for many well-known labels like Hawaiian Island Creations, Michael Peterson Surfboards, Lightening Bolt, Gordon and Smith, Skipp, Beach Street, Fluid Foils.